Table: The 20 Largest Institutions For Executive Education

The top providers of executive ed, based on a BUSINESS WEEK survey of deans and 
      program directors
                              REVENUES     FIVE-YEAR  CUSTOMIZED  PROGRAMS
      SCHOOL                  MILLIONS     GROWTH     PROGRAMS*   OFFERED
      ASHRIDGE MANAGEMENT     $16.1        8%         47%         110
      Hertfordshire, Britain
      CENTER FOR CREATIVE      23.7        57         34          28
      Greensboro, N.C.
      COLUMBIA                 7.0         0          25          39
      New York
      CRANFIELD                12.9        105        41          152
      Cranfield, Britain
      DUKE (Fuqua)             9.1         44         60          76
      Durham, N.C.
      HARVARD                  30.1**      20**       5**         28
      IMD                      23.5        2          44          25
      Lausanne, Switzerland
      INSEAD                   37.0        42         39          124
      Fontainebleau, France
      LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL   9.9         34         50          13
      MICHIGAN                 21.5        53         10          63
      Ann Arbor
      MIT (Sloan)              8.3         -7**       20          42
      Cambridge. Mass.
      NORTHWESTERN (Kellogg)   14.0        75         35          42
      Evanston, Ill.
      PENNSYLVANIA (Wharton)   25.0        257        55          100
      PENN STATE (Smeal)       4.2         17         40          38
      University Park, Pa.
      SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA      4.4         75         39          35
      Los Angeles
      STANFORD                 6.9         103        2           10
      Stanford, Calif.
      THUNDERBIRD              6.0         900        55          28
      Glendale, Ariz.
      UCLA (Anderson)          8.0         186        29          26
      Los Angeles
      WISCONSIN                4.5         72         11          130
      VIRGINIA (Darden)        10.5        40         29          45
      SCHOOL                  SURVEY DETAILS
      ASHRIDGE MANAGEMENT     Deans rank Ashridge in top 10 for custom
      Hertfordshire, Britain  programs; big clients include Unilever,
                              Guinness/United Distillers, and Volkswagen.
      CENTER FOR CREATIVE     Hands-down winner among nonbusiness
      LEADERSHIP              schools for most innovative and
      Greensboro, N.C.        creative programs; Kraft, Glaxo, and
                              Motorola are major users.
      COLUMBIA                Rated highly for general management,
      New York                marketing, and custom courses;
                              top clients include AT&T, American
                              Cyanamid, Nynex.
      CRANFIELD               Racks up more revenues than more prestigious
      Cranfield, Britain      rival London Business School; boasts custom
                              programs with AT&T, and British Telecom.
      DUKE (Fuqua)            Ranked No. 2 provider of custom programs and
      Durham, N.C.            gains kudos for its program on telecom
                              strategy; major users include Eli Lilly,
                              Ford Motor.
      HARVARD                 Deans say it's No. 1 in general management
      Boston                  courses; now doing custom programs for
                              Johnson & Johnson, Becton Dickinson, Wyatt.
      IMD                     Ranks among top 10 providers of custom
      Lausanne, Switzerland   programs; major clients include Ciba-Geigy,
                              Nestle, Tetra-Laval, Union Bank of
                              Switzerland, Heineken.
      INSEAD                  Deans rate Insead No. 8 in general management
      Fontainebleau, France   programs, praising international business and
                              strategy courses.
      LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL  Gains plaudits for courses in finance; boasts
      London                  custom programs with Heineken, Apple Computer,
                              Johnson & Johnson, and Wellcome.
      MICHIGAN                Deans say its Global Leadership Program is
      Ann Arbor               most innovative among all B-school offerings;
                              ranked No. 3 in general management;
                              No. 1 in HR.
      MIT (Sloan)             Only top school with falling revenues,
      Cambridge. Mass.        Sloan is reshaping its executive education
                              strategy; major users include AT&T, Boeing,
                              Price Waterhouse.
      NORTHWESTERN (Kellogg)  Deans rank it No. 1 in custom and marketing
      Evanston, Ill.          programs; No. 2 in general management;
                              top clients include AT&T, Hewlett-Packard.
      PENNSYLVANIA (Wharton)  Ranked No. 1 in finance, No. 3 in custom
      Philadelphia            courses, and No. 5 in general management;
                              program on "Ambiguous Authority"
                              rated innovative.
      PENN STATE (Smeal)      Has aggressively moved into custom field,
      University Park, Pa.    gaining top 10-ranking in that area;
                              among key users are AT&T, Petrleos de
                              Venezuela, Aramark.
      SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA     Among new offerings are "Overcoming
      Los Angeles             Resistance to Change" and "Customer-Focused
                              Marketing"; doing custom programs for
                              Times Mirror.
      STANFORD                Deans rank Stanford No. 6 in general
      Stanford, Calif.        management; major users include Amoco,
                              British Petroleum, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T,
                              and Pacific Telesis.
      THUNDERBIRD             Boasts tenfold rise in revenues since 1989,
      Glendale, Ariz.         largely due to custom programs for IBM,
                              Upjohn, Motorola, Phelps Dodge, and
                              SGS Thomson.
      UCLA (Anderson)         Gains praise for programs in health care;
      Los Angeles             has launched new programs in leadership and
                              corporate renewal; among big users are
                              Hughes, TRW.
      WISCONSIN               Rapidly growing exec ed business counts
      Madison                 Harley-Davidson, Consolidated Papers, and
                              CUNA Mutual Insurance among major users.
      VIRGINIA (Darden)       Deans rank Darden No. 4 in general
      Charlottesville         management, No. 5 in custom programs; wins
                              praise for change-management programs.
      *  Percent of revenues from programs designed specifically
         for client companies
      ** BW estimates

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