Table: Startup Fever

Software Entrepreneurs Look to the Net
      COMPANY         PRODUCT/DESCRIPTION                FUNDING
      ARCHITEXT       excite                             $3 million
                      Conceptual search program          in venture capital
      FIRST FLOOR     Smart Files                        $5 million
                      Net-based collaboration software   in venture capital
      INFOSEEK        InfoSeek                           $6 million
                      Online search service              in venture capital
      PROGESSIVE      RealAudio                          undisclosed
      NETWORKS        Brings audio to the Internet       private investment
      SPIDER          Spider                             $1.9 million
      TECHNOLOGIES    Links the Net to corporate data    in venture capital
      VERMEER         FrontPage                          $4 million
      TECHNOLOGIES    Personal Web publishing tools      in venture capital
      YAHOO           Yahoo                              $1 million
                      Online guide to the Net            (estimated)

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