Table: Masters Of The Video Universe

      ATARI JAGUAR    $149    Despite 64-bit claims, the graphics are the least
                              realistic. Recently launched a $149 CD accessory.
      NINTENDO        $250*   Nintendo's next-generation machine has been delayed
      ULTRA 64                until next spring.
      SEGA SATURN     $349-   Impressive graphics and promises strong game
                      $399    lineup, but most expensive system.
      SONY            $299-   Riveting 3-D look marks Sony's initial foray
      PLAYSTATION     $349    into video game systems.
      3DO INTER-      $299    Sold by Panasonic and GoldStar. Has most games,
      ACTIVE MULTI-           but trails Sony and Sega in quality. New tech-
      PLAYER                  nical upgrade next year.
      *Estimated price        DATA: BUSINESS WEEK

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