Rumors Of Cray's Dearth...

In your article "Cray's feet of clay" (Developments to Watch, Sept. 25), your portrayal of "momentous changes...sweeping the supercomputer industry" noted some exciting trends but missed the point that Cray Research Inc. is driving many of these changes. For instance, Cray plans to ship a new supercomputer line with top speeds above the vaunted teraflops mark (1 trillion calculations per second) early next year, well before the competing system you mention. Advance orders for this Cray system are ahead of the pace set by Cray's current product, which in 1994 became the revenue leader in the emerging market for so-called scalable parallel systems.

More important, these systems are already being used for innovative new tasks including oil exploration, traffic congestion planning, virtual surgery, and advanced medical research.

Steve Conway

Senior Director

Corporate Communications

Cray Research Inc.

Eagan, Minn.

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