Nice Work If You Can Get It

Regarding "The Prince," (Cover Story, Sept. 25), let me understand this. I'm born into a family that despotically rules a country that has what's probably the most disparate income distribution in the world. Among other trappings, my palace has 50 slaves (at least during my formative years, until that practice becomes too indecorous, given the abundance of moralizers abroad). I get my start through a law that compels foreign investors to pay "a local partner" 5% of their total investment, for no service in return. Let's also overlook any conflict in my being a member of the royal family.

So I amass a small fortune through this process, which we are careful not to call baksheesh or la mordida, as in other countries where it is less institutionalized. And the culmination is a glowing profile in BUSINESS WEEK, a few years later, where I am likened to Warren Buffett. Where do I sign up?

C.B. Maddox

New York