Table: Wu's Troubled Deals

PROJECT               COST    STATUS 
      BANGKOK              $3.8     Plagued by disputes with Thai govern-
      MASS-TRANSIT LINE             ment; financial viability in doubt
      CHINESE               1.9     Startup of 1,980-megawatt Shajiao 
      POWER PLANT                   units delayed by equipment failures
      GUANGDONG             1.5     75-mile tollway needs refinancing 
      SUPERHIGHWAY                  to cover $770 million in new costs
      INDIA POWER           12      10,560-megawatt Orissa complex
      FACILITY                      stalled by backlash against foreigners
      PAKISTAN POWER        5.2     First phase of 5,280-megawatt com-
      VENTURE                       plex approved but needs financing
      PHILIPPINES           1.5     Winning bid for 1,200-megawatt 
      POWER PLANT                   plant revoked by Manila in dispute 
                                    over use of Westinghouse technology

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