Ex Im Bank Bankrolls Small Businesses, Too

It was dismaying to read your article "GOP magic: Trimmed budget, brimming trough" (Government, Sept. 4), which said "the Export-Import Bank showers largesse on big U.S. corporations and does little for the country's small and midsize companies."

Ex-Im Bank has sharpened its export assistance for smaller companies since 1993. The result: More than 70% of all the transactions authorized by Ex-Im Bank were dedicated to small business last year. Also, 15% to 20% of export volume is for small-business transactions.

In a perfect market-driven world, a case could be made for the elimination of Ex-Im Bank. However, that perfect market does not exist. Without the assistance of Ex-Im Bank, many firms would have no place to turn.

Kenneth D. Brody

President and Chairman

Export-Import Bank