A Shocker At Dupont

IT MAY BE A CASE OF GETTIN' out while the gettin' is good: DuPont chief Edgar Woolard, 61, shocked company insiders on Sept. 27 by announcing that he will step down as CEO, effective Dec. 1. The top job will go to longtime No.2, John Krol, 58, with Woolard remaining chairman of the board. Woolard, who took DuPont's helm in 1992, in recent years has led a restructuring that split DuPont into 20 semiautonomous units and, last year, helped boost earnings some 65%. So far, DuPont is on track for earnings gains of about 25%, to $3.4 billion, on revenues of $44 billion this year. Krol, vice-chairman since 1992, is expected to continue Woolard's basic strategies.