Where Ibm Stands For `I've Been Misled'

In "The town IBM left behind," (Special Report, Sept. 11), the author attributes IBM's failure, and the concomitant abandoning of a mammoth chunk of its Hudson Valley manufacturing facilities, to the fact that "its products in many markets were uncompetitive: its rivals simply were better." As a former employee, I beg to differ. The area's manufacturing plants kept IBM competitive through three generations of DRAMs and provided the technology that allowed America to fight back against overseas competition. IBM's laboratories earned the industry's only Nobel prizes.

The disaster in the Hudson Valley stems from failure in the boardroom. IBM senior management kept Poughkeepsie, East Fishkill, and Kingston churning out mainframes long after the rest of the industry began marching to a different drummer. In the Hudson Valley, the IBM logo really did come to stand for "I've been misled."

Eugene F. Bryan

Boca Raton, Fla.

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