Table: Tracking The Body's Cycles

1:00 A.M.          Pregnant women are most likely to go into labor.
                         Lymphocytes (white blood cells) are at their peak.
      2:00 A.M.          Growth hormone levels are highest.
      4:00 A.M.          Asthma attacks are most likely.
      6:00 A.M.          Onset of menstruation is most likely.
                         Plasma insulin is lowest.
                         Blood pressure and heart rate begin to rise rapidly.
      7:00 A.M.          Symptoms of allergic rhinitis (hay fever) are worst.
      8:00 A.M.          Calories are burned most readily.
                         Risk for heart attack and stroke is highest.
                         Symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis are worst.
      10:00 A.M.         Gastrointestinal bleeding is most likely from ulcers.
      NOON               Level of hemoglobin in blood peaks.
      1:00 P.M.          Serum cholesterol peaks.
      3:00 P.M.          Grip strength, respiratory rate, and reflex
                         sensitivity highest; a good time for athletics.
      4:00 P.M.          Body temperature, pulse, and blood pressure peak.
      6:00 P.M.          Urinary flow is highest.
      9:00 P.M.          Pain threshold is lowest.
      11:00 P.M.         Skin is most reactive; allergic responses more likely.

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