Squeezing Dough From `Juice'?

Outside the Los Angeles County Courthouse, vendors hawk "Free the Juice" T-shirts and photos of O.J. Simpson in his football glory days. Now, O.J. apparently has designs on that money.

Sources close to Simpson say he has instructed his attorneys to file registration papers to trademark either his "O.J." or "Juice" nicknames. This is in addition to his book, I Want to Tell You, a pay-per-view television special in the works, and fees from the thousands of pieces of sports memorabilia he signs in jail.

All of it will go to help pay off the estimated $6 million Simpson's legal defense has cost so far. Can a line of "Juice" apparel or footwear fly? It may have to clear new legal hurdles first. "I'd question if he could copyright something that generic," says Joseph J. Gleason, vice-president and general counsel of Florida Citrus Mutual, a trade group.