Quotas May Disappear. Inequality Won't

After carefully reading "Quotas: A bad idea whose time has gone" (Economic Viewpoint, Sept. 11), I could not agree more. But [Paul Craig Roberts'] reasons for wanting to eliminate quotas are different from mine. I believe it would be good for African Americans to have the quota system phased out, but only when the playing field is level.

If Roberts thinks it is already level, he should remove his rose-colored glasses. The past 200 years have seen a system in which highly qualified African Americans were not offered jobs--in many cases not even considered--and the jobs were given to less qualified white males.

We do have a caste society, but it doesn't favor African Americans.

Bernard M. Curtis

Walnut, Calif.

The U.S. Constitution is color-blind, but people aren't--not in America, not in Japan, not in the world. Quotas are theoretically a bad idea, but in the concrete world of prejudice they are necessary. Nineteen years ago, I was hired because the company needed one white male. How's that for irony?

Michael G. Driver

Ichihara City, Japan

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