For Your Library

THE STATE OF SMALL A REPORT OF THE BUSINESS: PRESIDENT. This comprehensive source of trends and statistics on small business was handed to Congress on May 25, 1995, and is now available for $17. Call 202 512-1800 to order.

COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL 1995 SURVEY OF INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE PRACTICES. If you're opening an office in any of 31 countries, consider this handy reference guide. The 40-page booklet is available for $50 to BUSINESS WEEK readers. To order, call Kate Steed, senior vice-president at Colliers, at 617 722-0221.

TAX SAVVY FOR SMALL BUSINESS. This plain-English guide will show you how to make the most out of your tax-deductions. The 200-page paperback is available in bookstores or from Nolo Press (800 992-6656) for $26.95.

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