Table: Funds That Take Their Cues From Computers

FUND            STRATEGY                                  3-YEAR RETURN*
      FIDELITY STOCK  Complex mathematical "black box"           18.65%
      SELECTOR        crunches reams of data and spits
                      out lists of stocks with aggressive 
                      growth prospects at fair values. 
      QUANTITATIVE    Model sorts data on small-cap stocks         30.96
      NUMERIC         every 30 seconds, looking for value 
                      and rising earnings estimates. Turnover 
                      rate is 350% a year.
      VANGUARD        Fund seeks sector weightings and risk        15.06
      QUANTITATIVE    characteristics of the S&P 500, but 
                      better performance. Computer runs 3,500 
                      stocks through 30 models.
      VISTA GROWTH    Seeking value plays, managers run a model    13.76
      & INCOME        monthly, narrowing down a list of 2,500 
                      stocks, then following up with fundamental
      * Average annualized total return through Aug. 31, 1995

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