Table: Carriers That Go Ticketless

AIRLINE                 PROGRAM
      ALASKA AIRLINES         Rolling out ticketless option to all 42 destina-
      800 426-0333            tions in the Northwest and West by November
      CONTINENTAL             E-ticketing available in 49 cities; will be 
      800 525-0280            expanded to most routes by yearend
      SOUTHWEST               Ticketless option offered on all flights 
      800 435-9792            throughout its 22-state route system
      UNITED                  Beginning Sept. 18, will offer E-tickets on 
      800 241-6522            2,000 daily domestic flights; ticketless 
                              passengers earn 500 bonus frequent-flier miles 
      VALUJET                 Pioneered ticketless travel two years ago;
      800 825-8538            available on its 25 routes

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