Windows 95: One Retailer Is Skeptical

As the operator of a 23-year-old computer store, I was kind of dreading the release of Windows 95. The constant barrage of hype on CNN and other networks gave one the expectation of the Second Coming ("Feel the buzz," News: Analysis & Commentary, Aug. 28). Therefore, I was surprised that our store did not receive one single phone call concerning Windows 95 on the Thursday of its launch and that we did not have very many requests for the software.

The feeling of most of our customers, and ourselves, is that we will take a wait-and-see attitude. One of the reasons most dealers are indifferent is that our wholesalers will sell us copies of Windows 95 for $90, which, with freight and COD charges, can add up to $110. With Microsoft telling everyone that the street price is $89, and Wal-Mart selling Windows 95 for less than $89, it's no wonder that most computer stores are not interested in taking on hassles and losing money at the same time.

Steve Dendrinos Jr.


Computer King

Knoxville, Tenn.