Table: Info On Hitching A Ride

NATIONAL AIR                          A clearinghouse for     
      TRANSPORTATION ASSN.                  information about 
      4226 King St.                         business jet owner-
      Alexandria, Va. 22302                 ship, charter, and
      (800) 808-NATA or                     time-share options  
      (703) 845-9000                        throughout the U.S.
      NATIONAL BUSINESS                     Can answer questions
      AIRCRAFT ASSN.                        about tax implications 
      1200 18th St. NW                      of business jet 
      Suite 400                             ownership and provide 
      Washington, D.C. 20036                manuals to 
      (202) 783-9000                        set up corporate         
                                            flight departments
      THE AIR CHARTER GUIDE                 Comprehensive 
      104 Mt. Auburn St.                    directory of air
      Cambridge, Mass. 02138                charter operators 
      (617) 547-5811                        and fractional  
      Fax: (617) 868-5335                   ownership options
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