Israel Is Paying Too Dearly For Peace

Thanks for admitting that "progress toward peace in the Middle East" is not the major source of Israel's high-tech boom ("Out of the desert," Cover Story, Aug. 21). But your editorial urging Israel to "ignore calls to cast aside peace negotiations" is simplistic. Like Indigo's Benzion Landa, my home and business are in a "quiet Israeli town...a half-hour's drive from Tel Aviv," where "hardworking Jewish settlers made the desert bloom." The Israeli government is negotiating the cession of my region to the PLO.

The opponents of the Rabin-Peres policy are for peace--with fair and defensible terms. Should Israelis give up part of our homeland and retreat to doubtfully defensible borders? Under analogous circumstances, would Americans cede, say, Texas for prosperity in Silicon Valley?

David Wernick

Elkana (West Bank), Israel