Now, `Business Cards' That Buzz Your Beeper

COMPUTERS, FAX MACHINES, portable electronic organizers, cellular phones, pagers....Corporate America has certainly taken to the digital age. But will it embrace the next step--the digital business card? Ex Machina Inc. in New York certainly hopes so.

Its Reach Me! Wireless Business Card is a software program designed to work with common alphanumeric pagers, those "beepers" that can display text messages as well as phone numbers. The company will encode onto floppy disks the information specific to your pager--the access number to the network of your paging service provider and your PIN code, for example. You then hand out the disks like business cards to important customers and clients who need to reach you. The program can be installed on their IBM-compatible PCs or Apple Computer Macintoshes and automatically configures the modem to dial the appropriate paging network. To reach the person's pager, merely click on the pager icon, and an on-screen mock-up of the pager appears. Users type in the message and send it with a click of the mouse. Efficient, yes, but at $150 per 50 floppy disks, Reach Me! is a pricey replacement for pasteboard calling cards.

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