Let The States Deal With Speed Limits

Your article "The cost of new speed limits" (Economic Trends, Aug. 14) states that our oil usage will increase with the increase in legal speed limits and has found an oil analyst to agree. Let me suggest that the author and the analyst take a ride on any nearby interstate highway and do a little research.

The writer is correct that fuel economy will decrease with an increase in speed. What he fails to state is that the majority of the trucks and autos are already at or above the speed limits being discussed in Washington. All the law will do is decrease the number of "lawbreakers" already exceeding the current limits and decrease the all-too-plentiful opportunities for law enforcement to apprehend "speeders" who are merely keeping up with the flow of traffic.

What we need is to get Washington out of our lives and let the people deal with this issue on a state-by-state basis.

Thomas N. Tone

Simi Valley, Calif.