Table: High Tech Mutual Funds

Technology funds are a way to plug into the high-tech boom. The No. 1 
      performer, Seligman Communications & Information Fund, recently closed its 
      doors to new investors. However, there are funds with good track records that 
      are still open.
      Fund                                       Total return*
                                   Year-to-date    One-year        Five-year
      ALLIANCE TECHNOLOGY A           52.7%          97.7%           29.3%
      FIDELITY SELECT TECHNOLOGY      47.2           65.4            28.8
      INVESCO STRATEGIC TECH.         36.4           53.4            25.5
      JOHN HANCOCK GLOBAL TECH. A     54.7           79.4            21.3
      KEMPER TECHNOLOGY A             42.8           64.6            17.4
      T. ROWE PRICE SCIENCE & TECH.   47.6           79.4            28.5
      *Appreciation plus reinvestment of dividends and capital gains, before taxes. 
      Year-to-date figures through Aug. 14. One-year and five-year, through July 31. 
      Five-year returns are average annual returns.

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