Table: Cutting Through The Mutual Fund Jungle

      AAII'S QUARTERLY        Screens 900 no-load and low-load funds.
      MUTUAL FUND UPDATE      Good value, but clunky interface. $50/yr.
      312 280-0170            for quarterly updates; DOS.
      FUNDMAP                 Funds primer lets users estimate financial
      800 540-6765            needs in retirement. Oddly, recommends only
                              21 funds from Schwab's vast OneSource
                              program. $25; Windows.
      INVESTORS FASTTRACK     Active user group on Prodigy online service
      800 749-1348            provides nice complement to this timing pro-
                              gram. One month trial: $100; $288/yr.; DOS.
      MONOCLE                 Easiest-to-use of timing programs. $149 plus
      800 251-3863            $240/yr. for daily electronic updates; disk
                              updates $80/yr. One-month trial: $11; Windows.
      MORNINGSTAR MUTUAL      Rich in detail: CD-ROM version shows
      FUNDS ONFLOPPY          every securities holding for each fund plus
      800 876-5005            monthly returns. $95/yr. for quarterly disk
                              updates or $495/yr. on CD-ROM; DOS.
      MORNINGSTAR             Includes much information from firm's
      PRINCIPIA               printed reports. Screening program for
      800 876-5005            6,250 funds; $45 trial; Windows.
      MUTUAL FUND             Best screening program; screens 6,600+
      EXPERT                  funds, including money-markets. $95/yr. for
      800 237-8400            quarterly updates. $30 trial; Windows/DOS.
      QUICKEN'S YOUR          Blends a weak primer, interactive work-
      MUTUAL FUND SELECTOR    sheets,and pointless video clips. $30 plus
      800 624-8742            $40/yr. for quarterly updates; CD-ROM.

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