Got Those Online, Interactive, Low Down Blues

THE BLUES AIN'T NOTHING but an empty bed, is how one old song puts it. But House of Blues, a technologically hip music-production company in West Hollywood, Calif., reckons the venerable but increasingly popular music form will sound great in cyberspace. Indeed, it's wiring its clubs nationwide with digital trunk lines. And at 3 p.m. on Aug. 9, as recording artist Warren Zevon performs at House of Blues' Sunset Strip club, people at the Siggraph 95 computer-graphics conference in downtown Los Angeles will be able to view the concert within a virtual "world" called YORB.

Developed at New York University, YORB combines television and aomputer technologies to create imaginary cities that include streets and buildings. People can dial into YORB computers and navigate within its space using telephone keypads. In this case, Siggraphers and people on a television network in nearby Santa Monica will also be able to call up Zevon's lyrics, tour schedules, and other information.

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