Going Long?

They aren't exactly Hollywood material: Seattle's Seahawks, led by quarterback Rick Mirer (right), are a bunch of no-names who went 6-10 last year. But they are a pro football team--something Los Angeles, which lost the Rams and Raiders, craves.

That's why Michael Ovitz has talked to the National Football League about bringing the Seahawks to L.A. and building them a $200 million stadium. The Hawks may bolt Seattle's Kingdome if $150 million in improvements aren't made.

Ovitz denies any deal is near. If the Seahawks don't move, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue says the Cleveland Browns or Houston Oilers may consider L.A. Tagliabue, who wants to restore football to Southern California before the NFL's TV deal expires in 1998, also has talked to Walt Disney Chairman Michael Eisner about owning an expansion team near Disneyland. Eisner is interested, say associates, and envisions his own stadium alongside a football-themed attraction.

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