Go Directly To Jail In A New Dimension

IS THERE A MARVIN GARDENS in cyberspace? There will be, come next October. That's when, in celebration of Monopoly's 60th anniversary, Hasbro Inc.'s Parker Brothers plans to come out with a spiffy CD-ROM version of its famous board game.

Based on the same layout of Atlantic City (N.J.) streets as the original, the computerized Monopoly adds a host of new features. Most notable among them: Players will be able to compete against one another on the Internet from almost anywhere in the world. The software can even be set up to automatically present a single game, including the Monopoly board and game cards, in English, French, and German in different locations. And the software will be able to translate prices into local currencies and deliver E-mail messages between players.

That's not all. The new Monopoly program will include some 800 animated graphics, period background music, and sound effects such as screeching cars and barking dogs. Besides playing against the computer and one another, enthusiasts will be able to create a computer model that apes their own style. Then they can pit that model against other players, or their models, and enjoy the challenge of fine-tuning it to win more games. The game, for Windows and Macintosh, will be priced at $39.99.

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