Practical Peripherals Pc 288 Lcd V.34

With its rectangular shape and its TV-sized LCD screen, the ProClass 288LCD V.34 has a very distinct exterior design. Practical Peripherals' modem outperforms all of the other modems in NSTL's impaired lines, TIA lines, and two-way throughput tests. It provides excellent performance in the one-way throughput tests and is competitive in the fax tests, making the ProClass a good choice for both data and fax jobs. The LCD display provides a lot of information on its easy-to-read, multi-line display. A glance lets users know what is going on during the call, including line conditions, connect speed, and compression type. What really differentiates the ProClass and the OPTIMA 288 is that the Practical Peripherals modem can transfer files better in less-than-ideal line conditions and makes more high-speed connections.

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