Oh, What A Musical Web We Weave

IMAGINE A MULTIMEDIA ESSAY about Duke Ellington, the great band leader and composer. Embedded in the text are "hot links" to certain passages of Mood Indigo and other Ducal tunes. Click on one and the appropriate passage plays through your PC speakers or stereo system. The standard method of blending text and audio this way would be to record the two on a CD-ROM disk. But Voyager Co. in New York has come up with a way to create the same experience using documents pulled from the Internet's World Wide Web and passages from ordinary CD music disks.

Using Voyager CDLink, the company's new software scheme, record companies and individuals have begun creating Web pages that annotate and analyze popular music--mostly jazz and rock, so far. You'll need a CD-ROM drive in your PC, some software that's available off the Web at http://www.voyagerco.com, and the specified music CD. The software works with Web browser programs such as Mosaic. Voyager's Web site also provides a directory of links to Voyager CDLink sites across the Web.

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