Hayes Optima V.Fc & V.34

Hayes OPTIMA 288 V.FC + FAX

The OPTIMA 288 V.FC + FAX performs almost identically to the ProClass 288LCD V.34 in NSTL's throughput tests. This modem has everything people have come to expect in a Hayes modem, such as a long features list and a standard front panel. The OPTIMA is a solid performer in all aspects of testing, and the Hayes name, to many, still represents the industry standard for modems.

Hayes OPTIMA 288 V.34 + FAX

The OPTIMA 288 V.34 + FAX (picture) places just behind its V.FC-based cousin, the OPTIMA 288 V.FC + FAX. The OPTIMA V.34 actually holds a performance edge, yet average features, interoperability, and two-way performance scores hold this modem back from an even higher ranking. However, most users utilize their modems for one-way file transfers, and the OPTIMA V.34 ties for the best one-way throughput.

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