Labor Pains At Greenpeace

GREENPEACE USA IS ALL FOR activism--except labor activism within its own walls. Or so say complaints pending before the National Labor Relations Board alleging that the environmental group tried to thwart a unionization effort.

At issue is a recent union vote at the small Greenpeace office in Hollywood, Fla., one of 22 local outreach centers across the country. Workers voted 4 to 2 June 14 to join the National Federation of Public & Private Employees, an AFL-CIO affiliate. In the course of organizing efforts, two employees were fired for pro-union organizing activities, and another was offered a promotion, in an unsuccessful bid to sway his vote, says the union.

Gale Babbitt, acting canvass director for the Greenpeace office, says she can't comment on the charges. "We support people's right to organize," she says. Three of the nine Greenpeace offices in Canada have been unionized. Three complaints against the environmental group before the Ontario Labor Relations Board were settled in 1993.

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