Carville's Wisdom For Dem `Weenies'

WHAT'S THE RAGIN' CAJUN raging about these days? Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and the GOP Right. Despite word on Washington's gossip circuit that James Carville has gone underground, the flamboyant Clinton adviser is writing a paperback designed to teach Democratic loyalists how to aggressively counter the conservatives. To Carville, the Democratic Party is "full of well-meaning weenies" who need to be taught how to fight.

Carville recently sent an emergency E-mail missive to a Democratic Web site, pleading for rhetorical ammunition. He wants to price his book at $10 or less, so all those unemployed former Democratic officeholders can afford it. The Random House-Simon & Schuster book is due out next January, just in time for the Presidential campaign.

But don't look for Carville to play the prominent role in Clinton's 1996 campaign that he did in 1992. Carville's hard-driving partisanship clashes with the moderate ways of Clinton's new political adviser, Republican Dick Morris. Plus, fatherhood is looming--Carville's wife, GOP-operative-turned-TV-talker Mary Matalin, is expecting. So Carville, 50, says he is "less focused and less ambitious."

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