Turn Your Tv Into A Tote Board

CALL IT THE INFORMATION Super Raceway. A Tulsa-based satellite broadcaster has a plan for people who want to bet on the ponies--and maybe on other sports--from the comfort of their own couches. ODS Technologies, in partnership with Mark Goodson Productions and Comcast Cable, wants to let rec-room railbirds wager using a special interactive hookup to their TVs. For an as-yet undetermined sum, viewers can choose from an onscreen menu that shows a racing form with background and handicappers' odds on a horse, plus up-to-the-minute tote board data, such as scratches. Viewers place bets with a handheld remote that links them to a track where they maintain an account. Then they watch the race on a cable channel. Gambling-wary Maryland turned down ODS's application to operate this spring, but in Kentucky the company just struck a deal with Churchill Downs to test-market the service.

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