Is Ticketmaster Guilty Of Success?

"Will Ticketmaster get scalped?" (Legal Affairs, June 26) missed several important underlying points. CEO Fredric C. Rosen single-handedly brought Ticketmaster and ticketing-industry technology into the 21st century. He produced a marvelous machine for sellers and consumers alike. Using the Ticketmaster system, potential customers in Butte, New York, or San Francisco can visualize and select the seat of their choice for any event in the U.S. Rosen's company strategically brought ticketing to the customer in a way never done before. He is the Bill Gates of the entertainment-service business and has fueled successful concerts, theatrical events, and sporting contests because of his revolutionary approach.

Sadly, the U.S. has moved from being a society that desired, rewarded, and promoted great feats of corporate building, like IBM and Thomas Watson, to a country that now regularly attacks success. The Justice Dept. under [Attorney General] Janet Reno is taking on Ticketmaster because revolutionizing an industry is no longer considered a positive event. As I see it, Ticketmaster's only crime was to shake up a sleeping industry and give the consumer exactly what he wants and where he wants it. That's some crime in a free enterprise system.

Bruce G. Siminoff

Califon, N.J.

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