The Wto Is No Sinking Ship

As co-author of World Trade Without Barriers: The World Trade Organization and Dispute Resolution, I proclaim my strongest disagreement with Robert Kuttner's economic view of the WTO, as set forth in his article "You could drive a Lexus through the holes in the WTO" (Economic Viewpoint, June 12). I am an international lawyer who has advised major law firms and corporations on international trade and investment treaties for more than four decades. I find no support in fact or in law for the conclusions presented that the WTO is too weak to open markets yet strong enough to sink serious efforts to solve trade inequities as contended. Thanks to U.S. Trade Representative Mickey Kantor and the Clinton team, the WTO, as it stands, provides a very workable legal basis for establishing more free movement of international goods and services and protection for intellectual-property rights.

Frank W. Swacker

Largo, Fla.

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