How Hendrix & Co. Can Sound Golden Again

IF YOU'RE A JAZZ OR CLASsical music fan, you're probably aware of how digital processing can remove unwanted noise and other distortions from old records. Now, there's a $399 program for Intel 486- and Pentium-based computers designed to let you clean up those favorite old Jimi Hendrix albums you've been holding on to since college--or from any other aging recordings on vinyl, tape, or sound movies.

Called DART, for digital audio reconstruction technology, the program removes surface noise caused by wear and tear and cancels out most pops and clicks. You'll need a standard PC soundboard, into which you plug your stereo's amplifier and, for full CD quality, 10 megabytes of hard-disk storage space for each minute of processed sound. Once you have cleaned up a recording, you can transfer it from your hard disk to a cassette or other recording medium. DART is available from Tracer Technologies Inc. in Dallastown, Pa.

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