Why Companies Must Cultivate The Soul

Your article "Companies hit the road less traveled" (The Workplace, June 5) accurately describes the challenge of bringing more soul into the workplace.

Overlaying a specific set of spiritual values on people does not sit well with an American workforce that wants less governmental intrusion in its life and certainly doesn't want a manager telling anyone what to believe in. On the other hand, ignoring the subject altogether means businesses are blind to the bottom-line reality that people do want to find meaning in their work. They want to feel appreciated for their contribution, and they want a sense of community in their lives. A growing body of research shows that there is a direct correlation between the lack of soul or "heart" in a workplace and absenteeism, stress-related workers' compensation claims, and health-care costs. Soul is no longer soft.

Bruce Cryer

Institute of HeartMath

Boulder Creek, Calif.


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