Attack Of The 22 Foot Tourists

A NOVEL INTERACTIVE SIGN is about to open on the Great White Way. Holiday Inn intends to unveil a 100-foot-high megabillboard at its Crowne Plaza hotel in Manhattan's Times Square later this year. It will include a 22-foot-high by 30-plus-foot-wide TV screen, called a "jumbotron," that will beam greetings from passersby.

Tourists paying around $10 to $15 a shot will videotape a minute-long greeting. Moments later--after a prescreening for any inappropriate behavior--the video will air on the jumbotron for all Times Square to see. Holiday Inn will also sell people postcards of themselves on-screen, as well as copies of the tapes. The sign's proceeds will be funneled to charities through the soon-to-be-created Holiday Inn Foundation. But don't think that this gimmick is all fun and philanthropy. The huge billboard will likely sport the Holiday Inn reservations number.

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