Reengineering Royalties

THE REENGINEERING GURUS seem to have streamlined the book-writing process as well. Two years after its publication, Reengineering the Corporation, coauthored by Michael Hammer and James Champy, is No.2 on the BUSINESS WEEK paperback Best-Seller List, and two progeny are on the list as well. The Re-

engineering Revolution is Hammer's "how to" sequel, while Champy has written Reengineering Management to show where the first book went wrong. Also, Hammer has yet another book due out this fall.

What's going on? The original Reengineering's phenomenal sales of over 2 million copies in 17 languages haven't exactly discouraged sequel-writing. According to Hammer, reengineering has become "an institutionalized movement" about which "there's a great hunger for useful information." To meet it promptly, The Reengineering Revolution, for example, was written, edited, and printed in only six months.

Has the demand peaked? Lisa Berkowitz, a spokeswoman for HarperCollins, which is the publisher for Hammer and Champy, notes that the concepts are still trickling down to smaller businesses and that the authors are ever in the process of discovering "how reengineering is changing, depending on its application." In short, you ain't seen

nothin' yet.

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