My Web Can Lick Your Web

A WEB WAR IS BREWING among GOP White House hopefuls. Phil Gramm and Lamar Alexander are the first contenders to open home pages on the Internet. While others may follow, the two pioneering cyberpols are bickering over bragging rights. Ex-Education Secretary Alexander (http://www. lamar), who totes a laptop, says his Web site opened on May 12, with no fanfare. However, Texas Senator Gramm (http://www. counters that his was the first publicly announced, on May 23.

Alexander's Internet soapbox includes position papers and video footage dating to his inauguration as Tennessee's governor. The page's border is plaid, just like his flannel shirts. Gramm crows that more people (10,000-plus) have used his site than that of Alexander (who claims 8,500). Gramm includes sound bites and his voting record. Users also can sign up online for both candidates' campaigns.

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