Some Mexicans Don't Seem Hungry For Business

While reading your article, I couldn't help wondering how much of Mexico's economic problems can be attributed to their indifference to business opportunity ("Is this tough love--or a savage crackdown?" International Business, May 15).

Case in point: I have been trying unsuccessfully for over a year to find a manufacturer of disposable clean-room garments, which I would gladly import. The commercial attache at the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco did not return my phone calls or fax inquiries. I managed to identify 15 manufacturers in Mexico and wrote to each. Only three replied--and that was at least three to four months after receiving my letter. None had the capability I needed. The other 12 never bothered to answer.

If this is the prevailing attitude, it's little wonder that Mexico is having economic problems.

Hal Sharpe

Chico, Calif.

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