Lottery Players, The Tube Wants You

LIKE OTHER STATES THAT RELY on lottery revenues, Florida is finding people more reluctant to spring for a ticket or two. So starting this fall, the Florida Lottery Commission will be offering lucky lottery players an added thrill: a chance to appear on a new TV game show, Flamingo Fortune, and compete for cash prizes.

Tentative plans call for contestants to be picked by holding the right tickets. Don't expect to see any contest of skill or intelligence on the air. Florida's lottery is by law a game of chance rather than ability, and the rules will carry over to the game show. That should make it especially mindless, even compared with the usual TV fare. Top prizes could reach $100,000.

Mark Goodson Productions, known for The Price Is Right and Family Feud, is creating the show. Already, it has aired lottery games in Illinois and Massachusetts and hopes to sign up more big states.

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