Why Health Care Isn't Feeling So Hot

The article "Sudden illness" (News: Analysis & Commentary, May 8) should serve as a wake-up call to all who espouse Health Maintenance Organizations and managed-care organizations as the ultimate solution for health care in this country.

While no one disputes the impact of HMOs and managed-care organizations on health-care costs, market forces and controls imposed by the government cannot work forever to their advantage. Presently, bureaucratic remedies (public and/or private) and arm-twisting tactics are forcing hospitals and health-care providers to accept bargain-basement rates resulting in huge profits for these organizations and in some savings for businesses. The 1% to 2% cost savings enjoyed by businesses, and the profits accumulated by these organizations to the tune of several billion dollars per year, are not sustainable in future years.

Streamlining health care in this country will take more than slogans and cheers. Rational debate rather than legislative fiat should prevail if real reform is contemplated.

Dr. Istrati Kupeli

Wellesley Hills, Mass.

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