Table: How To Find Help Customizing Off The Shelf Software

ONLINE         Pick up shareware software and tips from electronic
                     bulletin boards and computer forums. CompuServe's
                     Microsoft Forum contains free "template" applica-
                     tions for customizing E-mail and spreadsheets. Lotus
                     posts free templates for 1-2-3 and Word Pro on its 
                     Internet site at http:\\
      DEVELOPERS     Major software companies compile directories of
                     business software specialists. Check out local listings
                     of Microsoft Solutions Providers, Lotus Business Part-
                     ners, or Novell Perfect Fit Developers in directories
                     made available by the software giants. 
      BOOKSTORES,    Get your start at the local bookstore--where the computer
      NEWSLETTERS    section now bulges with how-to guides for various programs.
                     Newsletters, such as the $70-a-year Inside Microsoft Office,
                     are good sources for programming ideas. 
      COLLEGES       Often, professors in the computer science department can
                     recommend local experts. Try an evening adult-education
                     course to master common business programs.
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