Export Exchange

YOUR ARTICLE "IT'S A SMALL (business) world" (BW--Apr. 17) was perceptive and timely. I have just established a U.S. sourcing office for a European/Asian group which exports $800 million of capital equipment from Europe to Asia every year--and $20 million from the U.S. This is an imbalance we intend to redress, and I am finding that the time is right. Most of the companies I deal with employ under 500 people, have been through painful reengineering to bring productivity and quality up to world standards, have innovative technology, and need help getting started. Your advice that they also need commitment and patience is spot-on.

--CHRIS LYNN President

Cosa Technology International Inc.

Marietta, Ga.

A FINANCING ALTERNATIVE more small companies are discovering is credit insurance. For approximately $20 per $1,000 of risk annually, companies can purchase insurance against nonpayment. Credit insurance is less expensive and less cumbersome than letters of credit. Also it can allow a business to be competitive abroad by offering open account terms, while protecting itself against nonpayment.


American Credit Indemnity


AS AN IMPORTER OF U.S. industrial products, I suggest that exporters create literature with metric product dimensions.


Oegestgeest, Holland

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