Broken Glass

ON THE WOMEN IN BUSINESS message board in Business Week Online, Senior Editor Elizabeth Weiner started a lively discussion with this: "What is your No.1 concern as a woman business owner? Did you start your own business because you felt men were getting ahead faster? Or did a small business suit your life better?" Here are some of the responses.

MY EDUCATION IN THE OFFICE started as an assistant. Yes, I believe men had the chances many women could only dream of. Men were known to have the experience to deal with complex business issues.

[Eventually], there was no place for me to grow, other than to start my own firm. I thank all the men who made me work hard to achieve my goals. The experience got me to know my inner strengths and to believe in myself.



Environmental Management Consultants

Shelton, Conn.

MY NO.1 CONCERN IS MAKING it through the "tough times." I recently took a voluntary layoff to get a kick-start on my own business that I have been working at (construction- and demolition-debris recycling). A small business is right for me. I do well on my own, am self-motivated, and dislike having a boss.


Richland, Wash.

JUDY, GOOD FOR YOU ON YOUR business. I own and drive a dump truck. I've gotten a lot of looks because I am a woman in the construction world. But I am going to continue.


Altoona, Iowa

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