The World's Biggest Table Of Contents?

THE MORE ELECTRONIC information there is online, the more difficult it's becoming to find just what you want. So Library Corp. in Reston, Va., has created what the company claims is the world's largest single index to online information services--an electronic directory to more than 500 public and private databases. It's called NlightN (pronounced "enlighten.")

The index itself now measures more than 100 billion characters, or bytes, of data. In addition to the massive catalogs of the Library of Congress, the British Library, and a variety of other periodical indexes, NlightN provides full-text searching of 14 newswire services, with updates arriving nightly. Plus, using Carnegie Mellon University's Lycos database, it also maintains an index of all publicly available documents on the Internet's World Wide Web. Accessible itself over the Web (, NlightN can be browsed for free. To get the full text of a chosen item costs 10 cents and up.

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