Maybe The Eeoc Isn't Equal To The Task

Your article "The EEOC: Too swamped to shoot straight" (Social Issues, May 1) implies that the only problem with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a lack of money. The same implication is also often used in reference to other federal agencies.

Assuming that your chart at the bottom of the page is reasonably accurate, the indication is that there are far too few investigators to handle the caseload at EEOC. However, if you assume that each investigator would cost $100,000 (including fringes and appropriate clerical support), the total for the 732 investigators amounts to only $73.2 million out of a $230 million budget. It is unimaginable to me that the major activity of an organization should only amount to 32% of its expenditures. No efficient organization could live with this.

The problem with many government agencies is not a lack of money but a lack of organization and efficiency.

Edward T. Perry

Midlothian, Va.

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