Table: Jiang's Agenda

By launching a high-level crackdown against corruption in Beijing, China's 
      President is hoping to consolidate his power base as paramount leader Deng 
      Xiaoping nears death. His goals:
      WIN POPULAR     Since Beijing residents are upset about corruption
      SUPPORT         among top city officials, Jiang gains some legiti-
                      macy through his purges.
      ELIMINATE       By ousting Beijing party boss Chen Xitong, Jiang 
      OPPONENTS       can clean house in the nation's capital.
      REASSESS        Since Chen was a key backer of using violence 
      TIANANMEN       against the students in 1989, Jiang may use him as the
                      scapegoat for the bloodbath.
      STALL           More concerned with preserving stability, Jiang has 
      REFORMS         little interest in pursuing needed but controversial
                      overhaul of the state sector and banking industry. 
      REIN IN THE     His anticorruption drives send a signal to the 
      PROVINCES       more freewheeling provinces that they could be the next
                      target if they don't toe Jiang's line.

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