The Value Of Immigrants

In reviewing Peter Brimelow's book Alien Nation, Christopher Farrell must have had blinders on. He refuses to see what is happening to this country through its ultraliberal immigration policies ("Take back your tired, your poor," Books, Apr. 17).

To continually refer to previous immigration from Europe as the reason we should not try to control this flood of Third World immigrants is ludicrous. When immigration was at its peak in the early 1900s, there was no welfare, and those coming here wanted to become English-speaking American citizens and part of our culture. This is not the case today. Mr. Farrell should not make light of this critically important problem.

C.W. Johns

San Jose, Calif.

Brimelow must have been living in seclusion since he migrated from Britain. If he had mingled with nonwhites, he would have found out that most recent immigrants are family-oriented, hard-working, and respectful of people around them. Many bring their life savings to America.

My wife and I strive to keep our children in a private school even though it's a financial burden. Why? Because quality of education and seeking to encourage good values for our children are foremost in our minds.

I hope Brimelow realizes how much harder it is for us to prove ourselves than it is for a person of his color and communication skills.

S. Vergel de Dios

La Mirada, Calif.

America does not need fewer immigrants; it needs to continue as the nation of asylum for those fleeing persecution and for those merely seeking a better life.

Every American family has at one time had the status of immigrant or refugee and probably was just as feared and loathed by a segment of the population that shared Brimelow's opinion. Such fears are wrong and unproductive to growth.

Donald B. Boyd Jr.


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