Table: Mapping The Genome Companies

Pharmaceutical giants and biotech startups are mining the treasures in the 
      human genome. Some key players:
      COMPANY         STRATEGY
      HUMAN GENOME    Sequencing almost all human genes, then hopes to 
      SCIENCES        develop drugs and diagnostics, mostly with partners.
      SMITHKLINE      Invested $125 million in HGS to use its sequences to 
      BEECHAM         create new products.
      INCYTE          Sequencing cDNA from many different tissues to find 
      PHARMACEUTICAL  interesting genes. Is selling access to its data.
      PFIZER          Paid InCyte $25 million for access to database.
      UPJOHN          Signed $20 million deal with InCyte for gene data.
      BRISTOL-MYERS   Invested in SEQ and Cadus to develop new 
      SQUIBB          sequencing technology and drug screens.
      MILLENNIUM      Searching for specific genes that cause obesity,
                      diabetes, asthma, atherosclerosis, and cancer.
      HOFFMANN-       Signed $70 million deal with Millennium.
      MERCK           Paid Washington University to sequence 
                      200,000 gene fragments. Makes data public.
      SEQUANA         Searches family histories and HMO data for genes 
      THERAPEUTICS    that cause hypertension, asthma, and obesity.
      AMGEN           Sequencing genes to find new drug targets.
      TAKEDA          Uses SmithKline and HGS data to develop drugs.

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