An Insider's Appraisal Of Steve Wolf

I have just read your article "Steve Wolf's soft landing" (People, Mar. 20). I am not impressed.

I was a Pan Am flight attendant based at London's Heathrow Airport for years. When United in early 1991 purchased this lucrative base, half of the flight service, composed of 400 U.S. citizens and green-card holders, were replaced by hundreds of inexperienced foreign nationals. Why? Because, in Steve's own words: "Americans are not culturally sensitive enough" for United's international market.

I am a fourth-generation Texan and have lived with my French spouse in Europe for 14 years. I speak fluent French and Spanish, and simple Italian. I find it more than ironic that I have had (and still am undergoing) a four-year legal battle to regain what has been "stolen" from me, my livelihood, because as an American, I am not "culturally sensitive." Wolf, who, as you say, was "ejected from United" for his heavy-handed management, does not speak any foreign language and yet that "culturally insensitive American" is now on our shores and working as an adviser to Air France, no less.

As Air France is subsidized by the French taxpayer, I am not happy that my career was ruined by Wolf and yet now he is on my unwilling husband's payroll.

Mary A. Moore

Paris, France

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